Woman Hired Flash Mob To Dance To Queen Hit At Her Funeral

Sandie Wood had been fighting tongue cancer knew she was dying and decided she wanted something special for her funeral. Her friend Sam Ryalls helped her arrange her surprise, and said “She wanted everyone to remember her funeral but not for a sad reason,” so she hired a dance group.

The Flaming Feathers group came out during her funeral and danced to Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust,” but they weren’t the first choice; ten other groups turned down the job. Attendees were upset at first, but finally understood what was happening, and some joined in the dance.

The funeral Sandie planned for herself also included a horse-drawn hearse and a specially made coffin with the words “Going out in style” on it. Ryalls said, “She was one of a kind, so she left the world how she lived it, being herself.”

Source: New York Post

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