World’s Largest Pizza Is Made By Pizza Hut And Airrack

Pizza Hut has taken the slogan of bigger is better to a new level by partnering with YouTuber Airrack to make the World’s Largest Pizza and break a Guinness Book of World Records in the process. Airrack has over 10 million subscribers and along with the relaunch of Pizza Hut’s “Big New Yorker” pizza which we recently told you about it makes perfect sense. The World’s Largest Pizza was created at the LA Convention Center and donated to charities in that city and included: 

  • 13,000 pounds of dough
  • Almost 5,000 pounds of sauce
  • Almost 9,000 pounds of cheese 

The Big New Yorker Pizza from Pizza Hut is set to hit stores on February 1st. 

Source: Guilty Eats

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