Here's What The Super Bowl Team You Cheer For Reveals About Your Finances

Whether your favorite NFL team made it to the Super Bowl or not, most people will be cheering for one of the teams that take the field on Sunday. And it turns out, whether you’ll be rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles or the Kansas City Chiefs can reveal a lot about your financial habits.

A new survey from Vanguard looks at how fans’ preferred team may be tied to how well they score with their finances. It reveals some key differences between them:

  • Eagles fans are more positive about their financial future, 61% compared to 55% of Chiefs fans.
  • Supporters on both sides are equally good at financial planning.
  • Chiefs fans are better at having emergency savings, 73% of them do compared to 68% of Eagles fans.
  • Fans of both teams are both good at dealing with credit cards, 72% of all respondents pay at least the minimum amount due every month.
  • Eagles fans are slightly better at creating a budget and sticking to it, 48% versus 45% of Chiefs fans.
  • The same is also true of retirement planning, as 38% of Eagles fans save at least 12% of their yearly income for retirement, compared to 35% of Chiefs fans.
  • And it turns out, those cheering for either team feel better about their financial future than folks who aren’t rooting for either team playing this year, 58% versus 42%.

Source: GoBankingRates

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