How Americans Plan To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It’s always nice to have a holiday on a Friday, especially one that often includes booze and bars. A new survey on St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and beliefs reveals how people will be spending their holiday this year.

The poll of a thousand U.S. adults shows:

  • About a third (34%) of respondents plan to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day today, down from the 47% who say they celebrated last year.
  • But 82% of those who are celebrating expect to spend about the same or more on food and drinks than they did last year.
  • As for how they’ll spend the holiday, 66% plan to wear green, 35% plan to go to a restaurant, 31% plan to go to a bar, 30% will be going to a party and 22% are attending a parade.
  • When it comes to beliefs, 37% believe St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland (he did), but 28% believe he drove snakes out of Ireland (he didn’t). Another 20% have no idea what St. Patrick did, while 12% think St. Patrick had something to do with leprechauns and 11% believe he grew shamrocks - and neither of those is correct.
  • Just over three-quarters (77%) plan to celebrate with an alcoholic beverage, with 39% planning to drink a beer other than Guinness, 26% planning to drink Guinness and 36% planning to drink Irish Whiskey.
  • Nearly half (48%) of respondents say they believed in leprechauns while growing up, and 32% of them say they’ve been afraid of leprechauns. And believe it or not, 12% of those polled admit they still believe in leprechauns today.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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