Family Finds 1-Million Copper Pennies While Cleaning Out Dad’s Home

A California family has discovered what they believe to be 1-million pennies, worth at least $10-thousand in face value, tucked away in a crawl space of their late father's home in the Pico-Union neighborhood of Central Los Angeles. Squirreled away by their German immigrant father in the 1940s, the copper coins have remained "literally untouched for decades," and the value of the metal by itself possibly exceeds the coins’ face value.

Initially, the lucky family was at a loss for what to do with such a large amount of coins. Their bank wouldn’t accept the pennies and the family balked at the 8% charge to cash them in through a Coinstar machine. Making the decision of what to do with the coins even more difficult, coin experts have warned the family that the lot could include a single rare coin worth much much more than the estimated $10-thousand face value. But going through the million coins would be a job in and of itself, so they’ve listed the coins as a lot on an online auction site for $25-thousand.

The family hasn’t had any seriously interested buyers yet and they’re now seeking expert advice, hoping to get a better understanding of their father's hidden treasure. But they do agree that accepting less than full value would be against their father’s wishes and insist that the value of the collection is "in the uniqueness."


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