Here's What Happens To Your Body 1 Hour After Drinking Diet Coke

A lot of people love Diet Coke, including many fans who don’t want to drink a ton of sugar. The thing is, Diet Coke may be low in calories, but experts warn that the health risks are sky high. And they start within one hour of taking a sip.

Here’s what happens to your body the first hour after drinking Diet Coke

  • 10 minutes: Attacks your teeth - According to Niraj Naik, known as The Renegade Pharmacist, just 10 minutes after sipping Diet Coke the acid starts to harm your pearly whites. Like other carbonated drinks, it’s highly acidic and that carbonic acid that gives sodas fizz can erode tooth enamel over time, which can lead to sensitivity and cavities. “Although diet sodas appear to be a healthier alternative compared to full sugar drinks, the actual impact these drinks have on our teeth is just as bad,” explains orthodontist Dr. Khaled Kasem.
  • 20 minutes: Fat storage - The Renegade Pharmacist says within 20 minutes of drinking Diet Coke your body switches into “fat storage mode,” because the artificial sugar in it triggers the body to produce insulin. But other experts say insulin production depends on the artificial sweetener used.
  • 40 minutes: Addiction - Just 40 minutes after taking your first sip of Diet Coke, you may experience a brief high, according to The Renegade Pharmacist. “The potentially deadly combination of caffeine and aspartame creates a short, addictive high similar to the way cocaine works,” he explains. The sweetener aspartame can trigger the brain’s reward system, leading to addiction in some.
  • 60 minutes: Hunger pangs - Drinking Diet Coke can actually make you thirstier than before and an hour after sipping one, you may feel like you need something else to drink or eat. Experts say the caffeine in it triggers dehydration, which can leave you feeling thirsty and hungry.
  • A spokesperson for Coca-Cola shares that the ingredients in Diet Coke, as well as all the drinks they sell, “are perfectly safe and can be enjoyed as part of a balanced lifestyle.”

Source: The Sun

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