How To Get Back Into A Hobby You Loved

When you’re a kid, it’s normal to have hobbies, like playing a sport, doing arts and crafts and performing arts. Then as we grow up, a lot of us push those aside to make time for studying, working and having a social life. But the thing is, hobbies have a lot of mental and physical benefits, like keeping your mind sharp and forcing you to take time for yourself.

The stress of being a grown-up can revive an interest in those hobbies we loved as kids, because we associate them with a happy time in our lives. Taking up an old hobby can bring back that sense of happiness, so how do you jump back in as an adult? These tips can help you revive an old hobby or discover a new one.

  • Find a community - If you feel a little silly about getting back into a childhood hobby, finding a community devoted to it can help you get over that. Online is a great place to start, Reddit has hundreds of hobby-related subreddits and Google can help you find others. You may even find groups related to your hobby in your local community and joining them can help encourage you to stick with it.
  • Be realistic - If you haven’t practiced any of your hobby-related skills in a long time, you’re probably going to be rusty. You can’t expect to just pick up where you left off, so be patient while you relearn what you once knew.
  • Make time - Getting back up to speed may require the one thing that made you give up your hobby in the first place … time. During the pandemic, people had nothing but time on their hands, so hobbies were all the rage. But as a busy adult, you’ll have to make time for your hobby, just how much depends on you. Just consider the time spent as an investment in yourself and your happiness, so it’s definitely worth your time.

Source: Lifehacker

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