Denim Experts Reveal How Often Your Jeans Should Be Washed

There’s a lot of debate about how and when to wash jeans. Denim was invented more than 150 years ago and for just about as long, people have been trying to figure out the ideal laundering for the garments.

Some folks claim to never wash their jeans, while others freshen theirs up by sticking them in the freezer, spraying them with vinegar or hanging them up in the sun to kill off bacteria with a “UV wash.” But Levi’s design director Paul O’Neill says he personally washes them every “30 to 50 wears.” He recommends washing them alone on a gentle, cold water cycle to help prevent fading, and hanging them up outside to dry, never putting them in the dryer.

But this denim expert acknowledges there’s no “official” way to wash jeans correctly and it’s really up to your personal preference.

  • Mary Lou Ryan, co-founder of clothing brand Bassike, only launders her jeans when it has to be done, like they have a stain. She washes them inside out, on a gentle cycle to protect the fibers.
  • Stylist Jane Herman has a newsletter, “Jane on Jeans” dedicated to all things denim and she washes her jeans. “Not every time I wear them, but I have small children, so food stains and playground mess are always reasons to wash,” she shares. Her advice on care is similar to the other experts, use cold water, a small amount of mild detergent and ‘air dry all the way.” She says some jeans actually look and feel better when they’re not washed, so it really is about personal preference. “If you don’t want to wash your jeans, don’t,” Herman says. “If you do, fine. They’re jeans. They can take it. That’s what makes them so great.”

Source: NY Post

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