The Addams Family Is Named America’s Favorite Family

Plex is asking about our onscreen favorites in a new poll they’ve discovered a few things. Here’s what they discovered:

Top Three TV Families:

  1. Addams Family
  2. Brady Family
  3. Bundy Family (“Married… With Children”)

Top Three TV Best Friends:

  1. Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler (Law & Order: SVU”)
  2. Wednesday and Enid (Wednesday)
  3. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman (“Breaking Bad”)

Other tidbits:

  • 72-percent love learning that onscreen family or friends are close IRL
  • 82-percent bond with people over shared TV shows and movies
  • 96-percent discuss TV episodes with family and friends
  • 67-percent will watch shows remotely with others

In other words, TV gives us a reason to bond with others!

Source: SWNS Digital

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