The Age When Life Stopped Being Fun, According To Reddit

Some people think kids get to have all the fun, while adults work and have all the responsibilities, while others feel it’s just the opposite and the real fun starts when you’re a grown-up. A Reddit thread has people talking about this by asking, “At what age did life stop being fun?”

Thousands of people have answered so far and these are some of the top responses”

  • “It will be a series of peaks and valleys for most people.”
  • “Life is awesome, starts to suck, a spurt of greatness, years of mediocracy, deep depression, life is awesome again, etc. etc.”
  • “I'm 72 and haven't arrived there yet”
  • “It's never been fun to begin with.”
  • “Tomorrow years old, I suppose. 59 and loving every minute of it.”
  • “Mid 30's. Most of your friends are married with kids, you never really see them anymore. Your life is just work and maybe take a couple weeks off for vacation waiting to die.”
  • “Mostly all fun. Never stopped for long.”
  • “It was fun?? Where is this fun you speak of?”
  • “10. Nah just kidding, life's always 50/50 fun & sad”
  • “Dude, I'm 29 and life just started being fun like last year when I met my wife.😂”
  • “Dunno, I'll let you know when that happens.”
  • “The secret? Minimizing adult bullsh*t and keeping the childlike joy of little things.”
  • “I think it was less fun when I was a kid honestly”
  • “Sometime when I was a teen. It started being fun again around 27-28 years old (am 29)”
  • “Even when life sucks, it’s still better than the alternative. 50 years old here.”
  • “When I got my first bill in my name”
  • “Life doesn't stop being fun. We stop being fun, because we don't change with the times.”
  • “Life can be fun at any age. It all depends on the person”

Source: Reddit

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