Boy Uses Make-A-Wish To Redo School Weight Room, Gets Invited To Super Bowl

We love this heartwarming story of Carter Julson, a 13-year-old from Minnesota who, after receiving a life-saving heart transplant, chose to use his wish from Make-A-Wish Minnesota to upgrade the weight room at the high school in his hometown. He selflessly passed up opportunities like attending the Super Bowl or going on a family vacation in order to repay all the kindness he’d received from his community.

Well, it turns out that he’s not going to miss out on that Super Bowl trip after all. Word of Carter’s act of kindness made its way to the Minnesota Vikings organization and they invited him to one of their practices. While there, they presented the teen with two tickets to Super Bowl 58 next month in Las Vegas.

Now fully recovered from his transplant and back to playing sports, Carter continues to inspire those around him with his resilience and generosity. He’s grateful for the support of his family, his community, and the Vikings. He also understands what his donor heart must have meant for the family who made the donation possible. He’s grateful for that gift, saying to him, “It means the world.”

Source: CBS NEWS

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