Social Media Users Are Part Of 83 Different Group Chats On Average

How many group chats are you a part of? According to a new survey, the average social media user is a part of 83 different group chats! And just over a third (36%) communicate more with people using those chats than they do in person.

The poll of 2-thousand adults who use social media and are involved in online groups also finds:

  • More than half (52%) talk to others more through online group messaging than through phone calls and a quarter (26%) like chatting in groups more than one-on-one conversations.
  • Half of respondents prefer group chats for easily sharing photos and videos, 56% find them useful for sharing personal updates, while 53% say it’s easier to plan things in a group chat and 29% say it’s more efficient.
  • When they have news to share, 35% use the group chat so everyone hears it at the same time.
  • Online group chats help 60% of those who live apart from loved ones feel more connected, while 43% of people in a family chat say it helps bring them closer together.
  • Almost a quarter (23%) have met a new friend through being part of the same online group.
  • Exactly half of all respondents have a group profile photo that doesn’t include every member, while 37% don’t have one at all, and one in seven admit they use a random picture from Google.

Source: NY Post

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