Baby Can't Stop Laughing At Hyperactive Dog

Here's one for all of you dog and baby lovers! Pumpkin the dog puts on quite the show for this adorable little baby. Watch as the baby hysterically laugh at Pumpkin's crazy antics. Nothing can brighten your day more than a funny dog paired with an adorable baby's giggle. Who wouldn't want to have that in their lives? It seems like Pumpkin is enjoying the baby as much as the baby in enjoying Pumpkin. Look at these two feed off each others energy, as the baby starts finding Pumpkin more and more funny, leading Pumpkin to grow more excited. Pumpkin's quite comedian!You can always be sure that a dog will excite a baby, but one that's running and jumping around, as well as giving kisses can be enough to give a baby the time of their life. That is, for this adorable baby at least. Babies find humor in almost anything, but Pumpkin's behavior is funny enough to give us all a laugh on its own.Sometimes everyone just wants to have some fun, and from the looks of it, both of these guys were more than enjoying their precious time with each other. Nothing better for a playful dog to have such a playful friend. What a cute pairing! It's like a match made in heaven, they offer so much happiness to go around. It looks like they have an inseparable bond with each other, forming a long lasting friendship.Watch as this baby laughs hysterically at their dog enjoying himself!

- Exog,