Hiker falls off 100-foot cliff and texts parents thinking she'd die. Then a miracle happens

A nurse who fell over 100 feet down a cliff wrote a heart-wrenching goodbye note to her parents when were extreme injuries led her to believe she would not survive. With some final words and a final selfie, Amber Kohnhorst awaited her death on the side of an Arizona cliff.

While hiking, Amber took the wrong step and ended up tumbling down the side of a large cliff. Bruised and battered, Amber could not move and waited helplessly on the edge of the cliff for a miracle. Amber was seen sporting two large black eyes and an assortment of other bruises, scratches, and gashes in her chilling pictures.

Amber’s fall resulted in her back breaking in three regions, a broken nose, her right ear had ripped off from the back, and much much more.

Amber tried to call the police and sent text messages to multiple contacts, but being stuck in the Arizona cliffs prevented her phone from receiving any signal.

- Patricia Lynn, Shareably.net