Man Collapses In Airport, Then Strangers Realize He’s Going Home To The Last People He Expects

In 2012, a Sudanese family fled their country looking for a better life, but unfortunately, they got separated. The pregnant wife made it to America and arrived in Fort Worth, Texas with her two young children, while her husband was stuck in a refugee camp in Africa, fearing he might never see his loved ones again.

Two women from a local church group befriended the wife and helped make her new country seem less frightening. When the time came for the mother to give birth, the two women were by her side.

After over three years of prayers and appeals, her husband was finally allowed to reunite with her. He arrived at the airport to meet his now-three-year old son for the first time, as well as the women who looked after his dear wife. After the heartwarming reunion, the man fell to his knees, so thankful for being back with his family.