Millennials Spending More On Weddings Than Any Other Generation

There have been several studies suggesting Millennials spend a lot of cash. Most of it, for college grads are the student loans. And yes, that’s one of the reasons this generation waits so long to get married.

But when they DO get hitched? They go big. That's according to WeddingWire - and here are some stats from their annual Newlywed Report.

  • The average age of a groom is 33 and the brides are about 31.

  • Most long held traditions are used including the first dance, cake cutting, and wearing white. Millennials even ask for the parents’ blessing and spend the night before the wedding apart.

  • The average cost of a Millennial wedding is 36-thousand dollars. That includes the engagement ring, dress, reception, food, and honeymoon, plus all the little things.

  • That’s more than any other generation has spent.

  • The most popular wedding dates last year were in the Fall, with October coming in at the top.

  • The majority of Millennials get help covering the wedding (60% of it) from family. Which is great because of all the school loans they are strapped with.

  • 83% of planning is done online.

  • 79% lived with their partner before the wedding.

  • 63% of grooms wear something more casual than a tux. This is a huge trend with only 7% doing that two years ago!

  • Other growing trends include wedding parties wearing different dresses and walking down the aisle to non-traditional music. Those fading include throwing the bouquet and father/daughter and mother/son dances. 

Whatever and whenever the lucky couple chooses to do, it's a day that they’ll never forget!

Source: Hello Giggles