Perfume for babies -- it's really a thing now.

Most of us love the smell of a baby.  We like to snuggle up to tiny infants and inhale deeply to get a good whiff.  In fact, research from the University of Montreal finds that the smell of a newborn “taps into the pleasure centers of a woman’s brain.”  But apparently, not everyone agrees, because now there’s perfume made especially for babies to wear.  Seriously.

And it’s not just one company out there creating scents for babies, it’s Bonpoint, L‘Occitane, Burberry, and Dolce and Gabbana.  All of these brands have released a perfume for babies.

If you’re worried about the chemicals – we were too – but these scents are water-based and don’t have parabens or other scary, hard to pronounce ingredients in them, so they’re “safe to spray.”  And these fragrances are designed to be applied to clothing, instead of directly on the skin, so that’s better for baby, when they want to wear that “clean baby scent.”

But unless it’s time to change a dirty diaper, or wash off some spit up, your baby probably smells wonderful without any added scent!  So why would you want to change that?  Unless you prefer your tot wearing the essence of freshly cut lawns, or “notes of mandarin, grapefruit, and basil,” you can skip the baby perfume.

Source: Mamamia