Woman proposes with a bouquet of Doritos during NHL game

A woman in Canada proposed to her boyfriend with a bouquet of Doritos during an NHL hockey game.

The Vancouver Canucks‏ shared a video of the proposal that began when Amanda Mussio's boyfriend, Brandon Haubrich, was selected "at random" to participate in the stadium's "Puck Shuffle."

Brandon selected one of three hockey pucks on a screen in the arena to reveal a message that read "Will you marry me?"

He initially didn't realize what the message was about, believing he had won a "mystery prize," but soon turned to find Amanda on one knee holding a bouquet of Doritos "roses."

"I had no idea," he told NHL.com. "I was very shocked and surprised. I'm still taking some time to catch my breath. I knew we were coming to the game but I had no idea anything like this was going to happen."

Amanda said she was nervous and anxious as she waited behind a curtain before the proposal, but was ultimately happy with how it all came together.

"He was a little bit more excited than I expected him to be, which is awesome, obviously," she said. "Right in the moment, it just flowed properly and it was perfect."

Source: UPI.com