Baby Horse Was Drowning, But A Beautiful Stallion Performs The Most Amazing Rescue

There are around 70,000 wild horses running free in the United States today. These aren’t actually “wild” horses, that have descendants that have never been domesticated, but “feral” horses, which are descended from animals that “went wild” in the 1500s. They are related to Spanish horses and live in western states like Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming, Arizona and Montana.


This is a story about one herd of these feral horses and how the stallion in the herd, Champ, saved her drowning daughter. It’s an amazing story—one all animal lovers will appreciate, especially horse lovers.

A family of wild horses is called a herd, and consists of a stallion, some mares, and their offspring. This herd of horses was drinking at a stream when another herd came down to drink on the other side of the river.

- Susannah Wollman,



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