Boy Says Goodbye To Grandparents At Airport, Then Loses It When He Sees Third Boarding Pass

Sean McGrath took a ride to Shannon Airport in Ireland to drop off his grandparents. However, he wasn’t expecting something so amazing to happen right before their flight.


His dad, Colum, takes out his camera and starts recording. He turns to Sean’s grandmother and asks her, “Actually, will you give him your phone?”

She agrees and digs through her black leather purse. As she pulls her cell phone out, she asks the 12-year-old, “Will you check the boarding passes for me there, Sean? Just to make sure I have it all right?”

Sean takes his grandma’s phone and flips open the pink case. His dad inches closer with the camera as Sean swipes around to find his grandparents’ flight information on an app.

“Check the boarding passes for going away,” Colum tells his son. As Sean scrolls through each boarding pass, Colum reads the passenger’s name aloud.

He announces, “Jennifer McGrath. Now, swipe across. Anthony McGrath.”

Then, Sean keeps scrolling and finds a third boarding pass that isn’t supposed to be there — or so he thinks.

Sean reads his own name on the boarding pass and realizes his whole family lied to him. He breaks down in tears once he figures out he’s going on a surprise trip to Spain with his grandparents.

- Jess Butler,



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