Camels Disqualified From Saudi Beauty Pageant For Using Botox

Camels in Saudi Arabia are also victims of strict beauty rules.

There is a big camel beauty pageant that happens in Saudi every year. Camels are judged on appearance as well as behavior and how well they can be photographed. 

The prize for the prettiest camel is a cool $57 MILLION DOLLARS. Incentives to cheat are sky high.

Twelve camels have been disqualified from the pageant for unauthorized physical enhancements. They were caught using botox on the camels!!

Daniel agrees for $57 million he would do pretty much anything to a camel to get that money. 


Twelve camels have been disqualified from the annual King Abdulaziz camel festival, which is held in Saudi Arabia each year. The animals were found to have received Botox-like injections in their lips, while a vet was caught performing plastic surgery to make camels' ears smaller. The prize money in the beauty contest runs to tens of millions of pounds 

Twelve camels have been disqualified from an annual beauty pageant in Saudi Arabia, outside Riyadh. The handlers of the camels allegedly injected botox into the faces of the camels to accentuate facial features. The pageant is part of a larger festival that celebrates bedouin life in the desert.



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