Car Crash And Flip Caught On Dash Cam

This is a dash cam video of a young driver of a Nissan Maxima running off the road.  The vehicle was crashing and flipping on a ditch by accident. Luckily, the driver is OK and only person involved in the accident, suffering chest pains and a bloody nose from the airbag deployment. 


The driver dropped a cigarette tried picking it up while she was running off the road. Intense!  Good thing that all drivers were OK in this incident as this could have been so much worse. That is also why you should be paying attention to the road at all times, no matter the situation. This terrifying video was all captured on a dashcam showing how many vehicles . They can be surprisingly useful tools, shining light on car involved incidents.  This accident was crazy! Lets hope that more like this won't happen in the future!




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