Carrie Underwood Posts Mike Reading Story To Son

CARRIE UNDERWOOD got an X-ray on Friday and posted a photo on Instagram. She captioned it, "Last check-up on the old wrist this morning. I'm good to go." She also thanked her doctor and physical therapist for "fixing her up." 

The X-ray shows a serious piece of hardware where her wrist meets her hand. So she was dead serious a couple of months ago about "setting off airport metal detectors."

She does have one more reveal on the way. We still haven't seen a clear view of the left side of her face where she got the 40 to 50 stitches. The last we saw, she was kind of hiding that side from the camera.  

In completely different Carrie Underwood news: She posted an adorable clip on Saturday of her husband Mike Fisher reading a Bible story to their son Isaiah. She wrote, "Story time with Daddy. Learning about Noah . . . and my heart melts."

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