Clever Pacifier Teething Hack

Trying to soothe a miserable teething baby can make parents feel helpless. And when you’ve tried all the teething toys, biscuits, and home remedies you can find with no relief, it’s even more frustrating.

That’s why one mom’s DIY hack for teething pain is a game-changer. Emelia Jackson, mama to a teething baby, shared the tip on Facebook and it’s gone viral  because it’s so simple and smart. Her suggestion? Putting water in a Philips Avent “Soothie” pacifier and sticking it in the freezer for a  few hours.

These are the same pacifiers they give you at the hospital, and they’re open in the back so you can fill them with water and make a  super-soothing teething popsicle with it, which will provide instant relief to your unhappy little one’s gums. Jackson also assures moms that there’s no hole in the pacifier, so there’s “absolutely no way for the  baby to get the water,” so it’s safe. And your baby’s aching mouth will thank you.

Source: Scary Mommy


Drool management is a thing you will need to know about when your baby is teething. TODAY producer Patrice Poltzer shares some easy tips every parent should know to make teething time less painful… for everyone.

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