Couple Ordered to Pay Wedding Photographer $1M

A Texas wedding photographer says her business dropped from 75 to 100 bookings a year to just two after a newlywed couple trashed her online and on TV, the Dallas Morning News reports. 

On Friday, a jury ordered the couple to pay Andrea Polito $1.08 million. Andrew and Neely Moldovan accused Polito of "holding their photos hostage" following their 2014 wedding. 


They claimed Polito was demanding an extra $125 for a wedding album cover before she would give them digital copies of their photos. According to WFAA, the Moldovans claimed Polito was demanding "unreasonable fees"—despite it being included in the contract they signed. Polito says she was prepared to absorb the $125 charge to keep the couple happy; instead they went public.

- Newser



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