DATING: If He Does One Of These 5 Things On A Date, Ditch Him

If any of your 2018 dinner companions exhibit the following behaviors, you have my permission to bail.

1) He's on his phone the entire time.

The number one indicator of a date that won't go anywhere is a date when the pair are on their phones. 

Corinne, a lifestyle blogger, agrees. She recalls the time she went out with man who compulsively checked his phone every two minutes. “I really wondered what he was like when he wasn’t trying to make a good impression,” she says. “After about 20 minutes, I faked an excuse and left the restaurant early. Honestly, I’m not sure if he even noticed or cared.”

2) He complains about his ex

This one is self explanatory. 

3) Not making an effort

While is nice to keep things relaxed on a first date, showing up looking like a schlub is unacceptable. 

4) Bailing on plans

Another self explanatory one. If he cancels, he's unlikely to reschedule. Plus, you shouldn't even try at that point. 

5) Treating you like an Amazon package

If he acts like you're one of many, and you're easily replaceable, ditch him.

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