'Demonic' Child Screams Non-Stop On Flight For Eight Hours

Flying with kids is no picnic - for passengers or parents, but a flight from Germany to Newark N.J. was on a whole other level. 

Footage uploaded to YouTube showed a three-year-old running around the plane, climbing on the seats, and screaming for almost the entire eight-hour flight in a 'nightmare' that didn't seem to end. 

Shane Townley uploaded the video, saying his experience was "torture."

I was a passenger on this 8 hour flight. It was torture. The airlines asked the mother to leave the flight with the child before the flight took off. The mother convinced the flight attendant that he would be fine once the plane took off and he could use his iPad. If the mother knew he had a problem or a type of autism, why wouldn't she has a pre downloaded video or content? Why did she have to wait for the internet or Wifi? Also the airline should have been more responsible in this situation as a plane full of 200 souls was affected for 8 hours of screaming.

Townley titled his video "demonic child screams and runs through an 8 hour flight." 


The nearly five-minute clip documents the screaming child as he climbs all over the seats, running through the aisles and screaming nonstop. At one point before take off, the desperate mom can be heard begging the airline staff to turn on the WiFi, so she could "get the iPad going." 

But instead of settling down for the flight, the more than 200 passengers were treated to more than eight hours of screaming from the child. Townley's video also captured the pained expressions of his fellow passengers, who can be seen struggling to ignore the child's crying. 

Once the plane finally makes it to Newark, you can hear the passengers being grateful that the experience was over. One woman commented that the flight had traumatized them all, while another can he heard saying what a nightmare the whole experience was. "Oh my God - eight hours of screaming."



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