Energy Drinks Almost Kills Husband, Leaves Hole In Head & Wife Is Pregnant

A husband and a father of a new born son had suffered a brain hemorrhage, and doctors blamed it on “excessive energy drink consumption”


While pregnant with her first child, Brianna experienced the unthinkable.

Brianna and Austin were so excited to meet their baby boy. But one morning, Brianna’s mother-in-law called with devastating news.

“Austin had an accident” she told the confused mom-to-be.

After a two-hour drive to the hospital, Brianna learned that Austin had had a brain hemorrhage. But the reason behind the sudden horror was just as unexpected.

Austin had been drinking energy drinks ever since he’d picked up longer work hours and had to commute more frequently. It became a habit and, pretty soon, Austin was drinking them excessively. Doctors say they’re ultimately what caused Austin’s brain hemorrhage.



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