Ex “Doesn’t Pay A Dime Through The State,” But Mom Defends Unconventional Family With Passionate Facebook Post.

It can be really hard to be a single parent. For one thing, all the responsibilities of raising a child can be overwhelming for just one person. There’s the time required, the financial burden, the emotional strain… but sometimes the hardest part is knowing your kid might be missing out on having a mother or father. You try to make up for it however you can, but it’s extra work.

When parents Jessica Singleton and Jon Megason split up, they knew all this to be true. Rather than divvying up their time with their son, Pierson, and try to each juggle both roles, they made a commitment to each other and their son to remain a family, even if it meant a lot of patience and sacrifice. In the Facebook post below, Jessica explains why Jon doesn’t have to pay a dime through the state and how he remains her son’s father.

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