Exercise Can Make You Happy But Only If...

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Exercise can make you happy …but only if you do it enough. 

When you work out, your brain perceives exercise as stress and puts you into "fight or flight" mode, releasing endorphins to block feelings of fear or pain. If you're out for a run rather than, say, being chased by a lion, those endorphins make you happy. 

But studies reveal that working out three times a week isn't good enough to make that happy feeling last. You need to work out for at least 20 minutes every day to keep those good vibes going. 

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Some people are born with naturally thin frames and the metabolism that allows them to eat pretty much whatever they want and never gain weight. It might be tempting for these people to forego working out altogether. But exercise does a lot more than help us burn calories to lose weight. In fact, not getting enough exercise can have a pretty significant impact on what's going on in our bodies and the future of our health.  Here's what happens when you don't exercise enough… 

Working out and exercising is a big part of maintaining sound health and wellness.  But not for the reasons most people think.  Physical fitness is important to the body because it promotes circulation and activates every part of your body.  Exercising daily will allow you to be able to recover quicker from injuries, sickness and even medical surgeries.  Your body is physically stronger which means it does not have to climb Mount Everest just to recover.  Working out also prevents you from getting injured where a person that is not active would otherwise be in jeopardy.



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