Fast Food Worker Fired For Giving Veteran Free Tacos

A Facebook post about a fast food worker being fired for giving a veteran free tacos is going viral.


Alex Mesta, a 19-year-old former employee of a Bakersfield, California, Jack In The Box restaurant, became friendly with a regular customer, who he learned was a veteran. As a thanks for his service, Mesta would occasionally give the veteran free cups of coffee because it was "not even a dollar for our coffee."

One day, when the man came into the restaurant late at night, Mesta gave the veteran two leftover tacos for free as they were going to be thrown out anyway

"It was either throw them away or make them for him," Mesta told KERO.

Mesta gave the veteran the two free tacos, as well as a cup of coffee. He estimated that the entire bill would cost less than $4.00. The following Monday, he was fired without warning.

A Facebook post shared by a Bakersfield man named Daniel Ortiz details the incident.

Ortiz wrote: 

A 19 year old boy was working the counter when one of his regular customers came in by this point the young boy knew that this older man was a veteran and had great respect for him because the young boy felt a connection with the older man because his older brother is serving our country proudly.So every day this older gentleman came in for his cup of coffee $0.80 that is with a discount that Jack in the Box gives all servicemen and women..... just so happen that somebody previously ordered two tacos and did not take them so this 19 year old boy offered them to the veteran and said it is not much but thank you for your service .

This young man was fired for giving away two Taco valued at $0.99 he offered to pay Jack in the Box back for them he said it was not right because they were going to throw them away anyways. This is a story that I feel the community needs to know you cannot punish this young man for doing what he felt was right in his heart .

God bless all our servicemen and women and veterans

- Brendan Kelly,



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