2 Friends Died While Eating Dinner. Now Mystery Is Solved

Olivier Boudin and Lucien Perot were close friends, almost like "father and son," according to one person who knew them. 

So locals were baffled when the two French men were found dead over a backyard garden dinner at Perot's home last Thursday, 69-year-old Perot sitting at the table in front of a half-eaten plate of food and 38-year-old Boudin on his back on the ground. 

A neighbor initially thought they were sleeping off some booze, but when they were in the same positions later, she checked on them and found they were dead. Now, autopsies on the men have solved the mystery of what happened—and led locals to bemoan the "stupid" deaths.

- Evann Gastaldo, Newser

photo: Getty Images

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