Guy Almost Gets Hit by Sneaker Wave

What looked like a calm day at the beach in Coos Bay in Oregon quickly turned into a disaster. Steve Raplee, the owner of the High Tide Cafe in Coos Bay, was recording the beach when a sneaker wave came in, sending him and others scrambling for safety.


In the video, which was shot on January 23, 2016, we hear Steve record the ocean, as massive waves hit the rocks nearby. It is a normal day for the people of Oregon, to gather around for a day at the beach. Not even half of a minute has passed, when Steve turns around to notice the sneaker wave creeping in, so he yelled toward the rest of the beachgoers to clear the beach. “My God, that’s huge. I just got out of the way. It would have taken anybody in its path”.

“Sneaker waves are waves that run abnormally far up the beach after a long period of smaller waves, and can seemingly come from out of nowhere to pull unsuspecting beach-goers into the frigid waters of the Pacific Ocean.”




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