Heroic Mom Makes Ultimate Sacrifice For 3-Yr-Old Son Swept Away By Waves

A mother’s love truly knows no bounds, especially when it comes to the safety and security of her children. She is willing to sacrifice everything – even her own life – to ensure that her kids can live theirs.

One Palestine, Texas, woman proved just that Monday when she heroically ignored her own safety for that of her son’s.

Brandy Mosley was on vacation with her family in Galveston, Texas, and they were enjoying some time in the surf and sand on Crystal Beach.


Brandy’s son was wearing water wings and playing at the water’s edge when an unexpected wave knocked him over. Seeing that her son was struggling in the water, Brandy ran over to help.

“He lost his footing and was having trouble regaining his footing,” Maj. Douglas Hudson of the Galveston Sheriff’s Office said. “She saw him in distress and retrieved him.”

Brandy grabbed her son and passed him to another adult who was nearby, but when that person turned around, Brandy was gone.

“We’re not sure if it was an undercurrent or riptide that grabbed hold of her or if she was knocked down by another wave,” Hudson said. “We don’t have a witness, all we know is she went under and never resurfaced.”

Rescue teams scoured the area by helicopter and boat through the night and into the next morning. At around 6:30 am, a body matching Brandy’s description was discovered about two miles from where she had disappeared. Officials are waiting on a medical examiner’s report before they officially confirm it is Brandy, but they believe it is her.

It is clear this heroic mom was well-loved, and her influence and spirit will not be forgotten.

About a month before she saved him from the turbulent waters, Brandy had shared a sweet conversation she had with her son.

- Heather Laskin, SoShareThis.com



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