He's Not the Dad, But He Must Pay Child Support Anyway

A Texas court has ordered a Houston man to pay $65,000 in child support—and he's not even the father. Gabriel Cornejo, 45, says he's only met the girl once last year now that she's a teenager.  A deputy served him with papers alerting him to a child he didn't know he had. Cornejo says he had no idea his ex-girlfriend had filed a paternity suit against him in 2003 identifying him as the only possible father of her daughter.


They agreed to a paternity test, and the results proved "I'm not the father," he says. Yet the court ruled he was still liable to support the girl because he failed to contest the suit. Cornejo is a father of three himself, plus he's raising his brother's two kids.  Obviously, Cornejo thinks this isn't fair.



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