How To Snag A Last Minute Valentine’s Reservation

With the most romantic night of the year just a few days away, you should have already secured a reservation at the bistro of your choice, lovebirds. But if you didn’t do it yet, there’s still hope. Here are some tips for scoring a reservation to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

  • Don't feel bad - According to OpenTable's Chief Dining Officer Carline Potter, 40% of reservations for Valentine’s Day are made the week before, so don’t feel like you’re so behind.
  • Keep checking - If your heart is set on a specific restaurant and it’s booked solid, Potter recommends checking back regularly to see if something opens up. Lots of folks are sick, have to work late, and even break up, so they could cancel last minute. And ask if they have a wait list you can be added to.
  • Try earlier, or later - Everyone wants to eat at the same time, so Potter says there are often reservations open at six or nine even when prime dinner time is full.
  • It doesn't have to be steak and lobster - Think outside the box and try something unique instead of the prix fixe dinners for two being offered at trendy spots. It’ll be easier to get a table for Valentine’s dinner and you’ll get to share a new experience together.

Source: Food and Wine



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