Husband Keeps His Promise To His Dying Wife, Marries Her From Her Hospice Bedside

Ronda was lying in a hospital bed at her home with a morphine drip in her arm when she said "I do" to Matt. 


The couple had quickly assembled their friends and family, a preacher and someone from the county clerk's office to make everything official.

There wasn't a dry eye in the house as the couple kissed. Amanda Dalton, a friend of the couple, spoke about their incredible love:

"He's been there nonstop for her since the beginning," she said.

"He loves her unconditionally. That's the truth."

Matt simply says that "she wanted to have a beautiful wedding, and I wanted to give her that."

The couple spent their "honeymoon" reminiscing about the ceremony earlier that day.

“She woke up last night and she was so excited about the wedding,” Matt said.

“We sat there and talked about it for an hour. She asked to see the wedding photos. We looked at them, laughed and cried and held each other.”

There's no telling how much more time these two have together, but we know it's not enough.

Ronda shared a warning to others about her condition, because her life might have been saved if it was caught earlier:

"If you find a bump of any sort go to the doctor. Go to a bunch of doctors for second opinions. Maybe if I did, instead of believing all these other misdiagnoses, things would be different.”

- Zachary,



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