Man Arrested For DUI After Ordering Burrito In Bank Drive Thru

Getting a DUI is never funny, but how this guy got one kind of is. 

Douglas Francisco was one his way home from drinking (bad idea!) and decided he needed a burrito in his life. 

He pulled up to the drive-thru in an attempt to order, but was so intoxicated he passed out with his car running.

The manager came out to check on this guy, and after banging on his car window for a while, Francisco woke up and asked the manager for a burrito order.

The only thing is he was at a Bank of America, the manager worked for the bank. Francisco tried to drive away once he realized he wasn't at a Taco Bell but didn't make it far. 

Once law enforcement arrived they got Francisco out of his car and safely to jail. Police found prescription narcotics in his vehicle as well. 

Now we're not sure if he's ever going to get his burrito now that he's in jail. 



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