Man Donates Pool After Seeing Photo of Kids Swimming In Truck Bed

A man from San Antonio, Texas, was shocked when he saw a photo of children using the back of a pickup truck as a swimming pool, so shocked he decided to take action (video below).

Todd Arredondo, the owner of an urban mining company, said he was saddened when he saw the photo but was particularly moved when he noticed people making negative comments about the family depicted in it.

Arredondo was so upset that people were judging the family that he found their information, bought them an inflatable pool and delivered it to them at their home.

"It was truly rewarding to see their smiles," he told Inside Edition. 

Word quickly got out about Arredondo's generous act, and he subsequently set up a nonprofit called Pools for Kids, even starting a fundraising campaign to help raise money to donate pools. Arredondo pays for some of the costs out of pocket.

"This is a humbling experience for me," he said. "When I was a kid, a gentleman bought a water-balloon for me when my family couldn't afford one. I never forgot that moment; kids never forget."

So far, Arredondo said he purchased 51 pools and delivered them to more than 24 families in need. 

"Being kind is self-rewarding," he said. "I  learned to live simply so others can simply live."

Many readers applauded Arredondo for his selfless gesture of kindness.

"What a wonderful man. Yes there are a lot of good people out there, unfortunately usually good don't make news only bad ones make news," one Mad World News reader commented on the site's Facebook page. "Thank you kind sir . And I'm sure these children will remember you."

- Sean Kelly,

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