Masseuse Shares Photo of Hairdresser's Back To Show Real Impact On Her Body

An image of a woman's back covered in angry red marks that make her look as if she's been seriously injured in a car accident has gone viral - but all is not as it seems.Leicester-based massage therapist and healer Hitesth Patel shared the image of client Grace Campbell on Facebook, explaining that her job had led to the damage to her back - however she's not in the army lugging a heavy backpack or doing what's considered heavy manual labour.


Shockingly working as a hairdresser is at the root of Grace's back issues, caused by hunching in awkward positions as she cuts clients' hair all day.Therapist Hitesh explained to Femail that giving Grace a therapy called gua sha released 'stagnation' in the muscles which appeared on the skin as red marks known as petechiae.'With a job that involves holding a static position for a long time you build up stagnation in the blood flow which accumulates in muscle and causes pain,' 



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