Matthew McConaughey Comes Forward With News About His Marriage

It's no secret that religion in Hollywood can be scarce. From immodest photo shoots to movie scenes that would make His head spin - there's more sin in the city than respect. Despite all of these glaring issues, marriage is unfortunately an even bigger problem. 

As divorces run rampant, relationships rarely honor the guidelines laid out in the Bible. However, there's one Hollywood A-lister who's trying to change that with his own marriage!

In an interview with GQ, Matthew McConaughey revealed that marriage wasn't something he and his wife, Camila Alves, took lightly.

After a long courtship, months of contemplation and hours of discussion with their pastor, the couple decided that if they were to be married, it would be proper in the eyes of the church.

Matthew explained this idea of a traditional marriage further:




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