Mom’s Birthmark Keeps On Growing, But Then She Transforms Her Face And Stuns Them All

Joanne Tronconi was born with a port-wine-stain birthmark on her face and body, but it wasn’t until she was in her 40s that her condition worsened.


Joanne was diagnosed with Klippel-Trénaunay syndrome (KT), a rare condition that causes her birthmarks to swell on her arms, lips, face, chest and back. She is often struck with red skin blisters that crack and bleed.

Not only does Joanne’s birthmark have physical repercussions, it has also taken an emotional toll. The kindhearted wife and mother from Florida has, unfortunately, gotten used to the rude stares, comments and scrutiny from outsiders.

But over the years, Joanne’s son Matthew has become an unexpected source of self-confidence. Matthew posts popular videos on YouTube in which he demonstrates the power of makeup. As soon as he used his cosmetic skills on his own mom, he saw how happy it made her look and feel.

Matthew has since taught Joanne to use makeup to reclaim her sense of inner and outer beauty… and the results are absolutely incredible.

In the clip below, Joanne and Matthew appear on The Doctors to discuss their beauty videos and their awesome relationship as mother and son.

- Barbara Diamond,



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