Nanny Babysitting Boy Senses They’re Not Alone, Then Sees TV Footage

Jenna Lee Baker was out running errands with the 3-year-old boy she takes care of on a regular basis. The parents completely trust Jenna with their son.

But while they were out, chilling footage was captured by the home’s surveillance cameras. A burglar broke into the boy’s house. He can be seen dumping Jenna’s purse onto the kitchen counter and rummaging through rooms searching for valuable items. But the most disturbing sight of all is seeing this stranger going into the children’s bedrooms.

Then, things got much scarier.

Watch the video below to see why the family is hailing Jenna a super-nanny, and please SHARE her incredible instincts with your friends on Facebook!


Jenna was finished with her errands and returned with the child to the house. She walked inside and immediately felt something wasn’t right.

The burglar was still indoors, and Jenna knew it. “It was sheer panic,” she told Inside Edition.

Seconds after arriving home, the boy wandered into the kitchen — and Jenna knew she needed to act fast in order to potentially save his life.

- June Rivers, Little Things



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