New Series Has Toddlers Hit The Streets Without Parents

New reality TV series follows toddlers as they wander around in public without any adult supervision.


The series shows what toddlers do when they’re allowed to roam around freely, without pesky mom saying “no” or “stop” or “be careful!” It shows tots climbing on skateboarding ramps, wandering through shops without an adult, and even crossing a busy Manhattan street without a grown-up’s hand firmly on their tiny one. It’s hard to watch as a mom, you want to reach out and hold their hands and protect them, but that’s Krupnick’s point.

“Kids do not want to be contained--they are built for adventure,” the filmmaker writes on his Instagram. “But we tend to overprotect them, shielding them from happy accidents and mistakes they might learn from.”

And this series is really more of a mirror for moms and dads to recognize their own helicopter tendencies, and a lot of times, our kids would be fine without us there shielding them from danger so closely. But seeing this probably won’t turn us into the parents who let a toddler cross a busy street on their own, and that’s okay, too.



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