Newborn twin has just 11 days to live. Parents take a precious photo to cherish his memory

December 17, 2016, was a big day for Matthew and Lyndsay Brentlinger, who had recently become the parents of two beautiful twins. The twins, named William and Reagan, became the most important thing to the Bretlingers the moment they were born, but suddenly, tragedy struck when they learned William experienced serious problems during his birth.


William was the victim of a fatal heart condition. The condition was so serious, in fact, that doctors knew from the moment they learned of it that they would be unable to help in any way. Sadly, William’s diagnosis resulted in him having only a week or so to live.

Lyndsay and Matthew were heartbroken after learning of William’s fatal heart condition, but they wanted to cherish the time they had with him the best they could. Immediately contacting a photographer, the Brentlingers decided to capture William with the rest of the family so he would always be remembered long after he was gone.

Reaching out to photographer Lindsey Brown, the Brentlingers asked her if she would be able to photograph the family for the first and last time together. Just two days after getting in touch with Lindsey, the Brentlingers met with the photographer and posed for their family photos.

- Patricia Lynn,



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