Package Thief Gets Busted In The Act (VIDEO)

A package thief was caught red-handed thanks to the home-owners home surveillance system. The video captures a gray car pulling up to the driveway and a woman jumping out of the passenger door running toward the home. As she comes back into frame, she has a package and attempts to get back into the waiting car.


Luckily, the nanny, identified as Kate Anderson, was home and saw the woman take the package. Anderson then ran out of the house to stop the woman. This spooked the driver, who started to drive off before the thief was in the car, leaving her stranded on the street. After a brief scuffle the nanny was able to detain the package thief and hold her until police arrived. 

It is unclear if the package was recovered. It appears that the package ended up in the car as it drove out of frame and neither the woman or Anderson can be seen with the package. 

Even if the package is lost, the thief is in custody and will hopefully put her package stealing days behind her. 



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