Police Know Identity Of Package Thief Who Took Nasty Fall

Police say they have identified a woman who slipped, fell and injured her leg while attempting to steal packages from a home in Bothell, Washington. According to KENS5, police have not released her name or age because she is not yet in custody. 


A surveillance camera captured the woman running up to the porch and grabbing three packages. As she was trying to make her getaway, she slipped on wet grass and appeared to severely injure her leg. She laid on the ground writhing in pain, holding her leg. After she attempted to stand the driver of the getaway car ran out and helped her back into the vehicle. He went back for the packages before speeding away.

The homeowners told Q13 News that while the video is comical, they do not feel sympathy for the woman. They said that one of the packages contained expensive medication and that their insurance company does not cover replacements.

This was not the first time they have fallen victim to a package thief. They installed video surveillance in hopes of preventing another theft. While the cameras may not have stopped the crime, they hope it will give police enough evidence to track down the two before they can strike again. 



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