Remember "Child Of Rage" girl? 30 Years Later She's A Normal Person

When Beth’s mother died suddenly she and her infant brother, Jonathan, were cared for by their father. Beth was sexually violated by her father until she was 19 months old. Both children were taken away from their father and adopted by Tim and Julie.

In 1990, Beth’s story was told in an HBO documentary called “Child of Rage.”


At a very young age, Beth had developed psychopathic behavior and enjoyed killing baby birds and would even molest Jonathan. Tim and Julie noticed that Beth would show some strange sexual behavior and had an intense interest in death and violence.

But, to their faces, Beth would act polite and talk sweetly. Jonathan also showed similar behaviors, which prompted Tim and Julie to reach out to the adoption agency for answers.

Beth was eventually diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), which is caused by extreme physical or emotional abuse that doesn’t allow a child to bond or form connections with other people.

The violent behaviors that some of the children with RAD exhibit never go away. In 1989, Tim and Julie couldn’t care for Beth because her behavior got more violent. Beth was removed from their home and placed with Connell Watkins, a professional therapist. Beth was in therapy for many years – but she is now a healthy and mentally stable woman.



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