Ripped YouTuber Does Insane 15,000 Calorie Food Challenges

A fitness fanatic and slender Youtuber proves that he is a food challenge machine - by devouring gigantic 15,000 calorie meals in minutes. Nathan Figueroa, 29, has proven to the world that his eyes definitely aren’t bigger than his stomach, by consuming large meals from an 80oz steak, a 28 inch pizza, a 6 lbs burrito and a whopping 10 lbs burger and fries challenge.The videographer from Florida started his food challenges in 2015 after he saw a picture of his friend eating a giant burger on social media. Nathan contacted his friend and asked if he could join him in the food challenge and has been gulping down ginormous portions of food for his 230,000 followers ever since.Check out this insane food challenge.

- BarcroftTV,



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