Saint Dies In 1876. They Exhume Her Body 56 Years Later, She Hasn’t Changed

The following video, which describes 10 miracles that science cannot explain, is simply fascinating. From mysterious voices to corpses that won’t rot, you’re about to learn some very bizarre and mysterious accounts.

But my personal favorite story has to be the one about a Catholic saint.

Saint Catherine Labouré died on December 31, 1876. When her body was exhumed 56 years later, the church judged it to be unblemished — and her eyes were said to be as blue as the day she died!

In the video below, learn more about the phenomenon of incorruptibility — plus nine other miracles that science cannot explain.


Certain saints, at the time of their death or years after their bodies were exhumed, have been found to be “incorruptible,” meaning their bodies did not compose like other bodies do — or even at all.

Today, Catherine’s body is encased in a glass coffin at the side altar of the Chapel of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, one of the locations where the Virgin Mary appeared to her.

- Barbara Diamond, Little Things



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